Video games have surprised a lot of people by becoming the most lucrative form of entertainment, which makes more than movies and music combined — but you know who wouldn’t be surprised?

Anyone who pays attention to Riot Games.


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Creating A Movement

Becoming the dominant entertainment industry isn’t something that happens without changing the culture, and no one has done more to change the culture than Riot Games. Through popularizing the free-to-play mode, to filling stadiums across the world to watch e-sports, Riot Games has cultivated a very attentive fan-base.

For Fans By Fans

Not everyone understands this space. It’s extremely unique and requires someone who not only has an intimate relationship with Riot’s games, but also a strong understanding of their internal culture. This is why Riot Games has partnered with AgileThought to lead their managed services for their games. Our project team is comprised of help-desk experts who happen to be Riot super-fans.

Understanding The Culture

Traditionally, companies look to minimize errors. It’s common to focus on what’s working rather than what’s not. At Riot Games, they lean into the errors and make it a key part of their culture. AgileThought’s ability to embrace errors, openly talk about them, and develop solutions helped us to establish a strong relationship with Riot. Creating this open culture fosters a sense of transparency and trust amongst both companies, as everyone is encouraged to share their experiences and collaborate on solutions.

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Develop Your People

Developing talent has been a key part of our success. Through a process we call Mitosis, we create cross-functional teams that is greater than the sum of their individual parts. As part of this structure, we blend our seniorities so we have lend opportunities to budding leaders to take on mentorship, and ensure that junior talent has the oversight to thrive. This has lead to high levels of retention and ensures that the program continues to mature over time.

We’re proud to be a premier partner of Riot Games. Over the course of more than 6 years, our relationship continues to grow as we become their #1 & #2 vendor in Productivity and Satisfaction across their extended catalog.

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