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How do you ensure that you’re building the right thing and doing it the right way?

The Design & Product Guild is your insurance policy for your app. Through our experience, talent, and processes, we ensure that you’re not burning money on something that isn’t going to maximize your return on your investment — or that’s barely usable when people interact with it. We make certain your users get what they want and love what they get.

Media & Entertainment

From call-centers to social media, we are Riot Games preferred partner, and it’s not for nothing.


Our joint collaboration on the brand design and UX of the app was essential to achieve a successful and functional end result. Their professionalism and commitment to the project allowed us to obtain a high-quality final product and satisfy the needs of our users.

– Juan Gabriel Aguirre Co-Founder & VP of Digital Marketing

Meet Our Team

Chris Brummel
Guild Head | Design & Product
Ned Pope
Guild Practice Lead | Product
Dirck Ten Broeck
Guild Practice Lead | Design

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Design & Product Insights


Specialty Pharmacy Digital Transformation: What’s Next?
Holistic IT adaptation addresses key challenges such as data integrity and patient service delays. Digital-driven companies are embracing sustainable adaptation. You likely already know this, but does your IT partner?A good IT partner will deliver technology services on your behalf. A great IT partner will learn your business. They tend to ask questions like, “how can we help you better serve patients, how can you remain competitive, cost-effective, and ensure your digital systems are up to date?” Technology, alone (without any business context), has not been the answer to dollars siphoned by inefficiency. Add regulatory issues and growing technology skill gaps to the equation, and it may seem you’re digging yourself an inescapable hole.

8 min read

September 12, 2019


What is Digital Transformation?
The sometimes over-used and often misunderstood concept can create images ranging from opportunity to uncertainty and confusion.  While there may not be a universally-recognized definition, it deserves our unabated attention as many smart companies are turning in record performance through transformative initiatives. First, I’m going to explain how AgileThought defines digital transformation. Then, I’ll ask two of my colleagues, Taylor Howard and Steven Granese, to weigh in on why digital transformation is important, why organizations struggle with it, and how AgileThought can help.

10 min read

September 14, 2018


Creating An Effective Product Roadmap In The Financial Services Industry
The financial services industry is a highly competitive one where new technologies and techniques are used every day. It’s no wonder that financial service providers need to keep track of their products and services on a continuous basis in order to make sure they meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition.The creation of an effective product roadmap is the key to doing this successfully, which means it’s important for companies in this field to have a solid process for creating them. This guide will show you how to create an effective product roadmap that aligns with your business goals while avoiding common pitfalls along the way!

10 min read

February 7, 2023

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We offer expert technologists and software development teams, proven frameworks and Agile best practices.

Known Products

We’re working on complex and interesting products for Fortune-500 clients. These aren’t small names that your friends won’t have heard of. We’re all looking to work on products that will have a significant impact on many people’s lives — and this is it. Doesn’t look bad on your resume, either 😉

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Collaborate With Our Team

We’re not just doing interesting work with our clients, we’re doing interesting work amongst the team. From initiatives around creating new roles and certifications in the company, to creating new design-system frameworks, it’s a great way to bring new ideas to the table and lead them.

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Be a Part of a Design-Thinking Organization

Our guild is not an afterthought at AgileThought — it’s the tip of the spear. AT recognizes that being user-centered is critical to successful problem solving. It’s part of our core philosophy and a major competitive advantage for the company that makes the work we do that much more successful.

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